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Mamacino Granola

Mamacino Granola

24 November 2015

Granola lovers rejoice! La Madre Bakery has teamed up with Granola Maker Extraordinaire, Kristin Cosgrove of Mamacino, to bring you Granola with love.

Kristin's love affair with wholefoods began after her daughter was diagnosed with a complicated list of food allergies. Kristin's Italian background and love of food and family ensured that she found a way to bake delicious and wholesome goodness to nourish and love.

From humble beginnings in her own kitchen, to gaining a popularity at local Farmer's Markets, the Mamacino + La Madre relationship is a natual progression of increased production and the joining of two iconic local brands. Kristin says, "I realised I couldn’t keep up with the demand working from my kitchen at home and began to dream up ideas of how I could get some help. To be honest, I could never have dreamed up a better solution than the one we have now: to be working in collaboration with the team from La Madre to produce a really fantastic, top quality, family friendly product.  I am indeed incredibly grateful for this opportunity and so excited to see how to Mamacino story unfolds from here."

And so are we. Happy tummies indeed.

Mamacino Granola is available in the following combinations:

​Spiced Fig & Pecan
Apricot, Almond & Orange

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